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Redirect ***WARNING*** DO NOT BUY THEC64 MINI NTSC Model, it been sold in the UK ATM

***WARNING*** DO NOT BUY THEC64 MINI NTSC Model, they are been sold in the UK at the moment so be aware what model your buying, you need a PAL Model not NTSC, it a US model..
THEC64 Mini has two models THEC64 Mini PAL and THEC64 Mini NTSC.

Redirect New Threads and Posts

Click to see New Threads or Posts on the forum.
PLEASE.. Look at the RULES first before making your first post.. Thanks.

Redirect Forum Rules

PLEASE READ theses first so you know the Rules here and do not end up braking one of them.

TheC64 Community Rules are here.

Redirect About The Companies Behind The Machines

This is about Retro Games Limited(RGL) Retro Computers Limited(RCL) and PLAION(Koch Media).
The companies behind the ZX Spectrum Vega, ZX Vega +, THEC64 Mini, THEC64 Maxi, THEVIC 20, THEA500 Mini, Capcom Home Arcade and the Atari2600+.

No New Posts About The Forum

This where info about forum and anything that gets added or is Changed...
For new posts click on New Threads and Posts above, first item.

Moderator: spannernick

Sub-board: Site Feedback

31 102 ***PLEASE ADD YOUR MACHINE on your Signature ASAP***
by dupont
Jul 26, 2023 9:57:08 GMT
No New Posts THE Main Threads

THE main threads will be added here as announcements, If you are looking for a Popular post or thread this is most properly be in here.

Moderators: THEC64 Moderator, THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer

13 330 Changing the Game Slots in the Carousel
by spannernick
May 31, 2021 10:23:15 GMT
Redirect Retro Games LTD News Feed

News Feed Retro Games Ltd from there site.
If you press RMB over this and open in new tab it will keep the forum up.

Project Carousel USB Anniversary Edition Section

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No New Posts PCUAE Updated Posts

For users using PCUAE on THEC64 Mini, THEC64, THEVIC20, THEA500 Mini or THE(A500 or A1200) Full Size(when it gets made or if),
You can post about PCUAE in here.
I remove the A500 section for PCUAE and added its posts here, it was not really being used, its better if PCUAE has only one area for all the new threads, any old threads will be moved to Old Posts PCUAE when they are not needed no more.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

23 971 NEW! Update v3.3.5.1024
by Wizart
Dec 9, 2023 10:15:30 GMT
No New Posts Old Posts PCUAE

This is for the old threads for PCUAE now, use PCUAE Updated Posts above now for newer threads about PCUAE.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

30 1,954 Moved: ***PCUAE Manager***
by spannernick
Nov 24, 2022 15:45:55 GMT
No New Posts PCUAE Help - 1 Viewing

For PCUAE Help Guides.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce, Wizart

68 645 PCUAE Quick Setup and PCUAE Manager Manuals
by 2jaxx
Jul 2, 2023 16:57:02 GMT
No New Posts PCUAE Carousel Plus CJM Gamelists

Share your gamelists you have made for PCUAE and the Carousel Gamelist Changer in here.
The PCUAE Gamelists and game files are kept in `PCUAE USB Drive://PCUAE_CAROUSEL_GAMES` folder on the root of the USB Drive now.
You can now export games from PCUAE Manager to the USB File Loader or Classic Mode's Media Access plus its CJM file can now be created in PCUAE Manager too so change the settings of the game too so customise its joystick buttons and set the game to run at PAL or NTSC, so can export the CJM file for each game to the PCUAE USB Drive.
You can export games plus its CJM files this way without installing PCUAE too so just export to a USB Drive and then load it up in the File Loader or Media Access to see the games that you have exported to the USB Drive, look in the PCUAE Manager Manual it all explains how to use it.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

4 81 OneLoad64 Games Collection Carousels
by StatMat
Jan 28, 2023 20:13:08 GMT

THEC64 Mini and THEC64 MAXi

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No New Posts THEC64 FAQ

This is where THEC64 FAQ sub boards are.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, lantzelot, gurce

Sub-boards: THEC64 FAQ - Community, THEC64 FAQ - Official

1 1 FAQ and Manuals for THEC64 and THEA500
by spannernick
Apr 17, 2022 11:22:14 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 General - 1 Viewing

You can talk about TheC64 Mini and Maxi here.
This is for THEC64 Computer by RGL ONLY
Any other stuff about C64 put in Commodore 64 General in Off Topic.

Moderators: THEC64 Administrator, spannernick, jj0, gurce

166 852 RG Ltd Posts Video Of New Consoles/Products And Amiga Maxi!
by greyareauk
Nov 30, 2023 8:58:12 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Support

If you need help with TheC64 Mini/Maxi

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

152 956 What feature do you guys want from THEC64 and/or Mini
by talfarlow
Nov 24, 2023 19:15:11 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Software and Games - 2 Viewing

Post software or games for THEC64 Mini/THEC64 Maxi.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

Sub-boards: THEC64 Programming, THEC64 Firmware Upgrades

253 2,312 Possible to get Sonic c64 game in crt format???
by ryuninja
Nov 12, 2023 8:37:48 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Hardware - 1 Viewing

This is the place for Hardware Questions and Answers.
You want to mod or Hack THEC64 Mini or MAXi.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

88 1,268 TheC64 keyboard and motherboard in C64C case
by spannernick
Nov 5, 2023 12:45:56 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Joysticks and Adapters - 2 Viewing

This is for Joysticks/Controllers/Pads/Adapters that work or don't work and Support for them.
If you have a problem with a Joysticks/Controllers/Pads/Adapters then post it in here and we will hopefully be able to help you.

Moderators: gurce, spannernick, jj0

61 579 Speedlink Competition Pro Extra Space Bar Functionality
by c64stuff
Nov 21, 2023 19:07:29 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 YouTube Videos

Any videos from Youtube about TheC64 MAXi/Mini.. or The Commodore 64.
Game videos should be posted in The C64 Game Zone.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

67 108 Bunch of original C64 demoscene inspired music vids
by newdles
Aug 1, 2023 11:36:41 GMT


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No New Posts THEVIC20 General

Talk about THEVIC20 here and that.

If you want to talk about games on it you can here, but if you want to share a game then post it in THE CBM GAME ZONE under Games For THEVIC20 now.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

25 126 Is THE VIC 20 as popular as THEC64 Maxi
by mobluse
Feb 11, 2023 19:01:28 GMT
No New Posts THEVIC20 Programming

You can talk about Programing on THEVIC20 BASIC or in Macinge Code here, I added it cause the forum only had this board for THEC64 machines.

I hope you use this. :)

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

3 11 How to run Vic-20 basic in 35k?
by oocozyoo
Oct 15, 2023 19:50:40 GMT
No New Posts THEVIC20 Software and Games

This is the place for the software and games for THEVIC20.
(No hardware because its THEC64 inside a new skin)

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

19 80 Video: RetroGamerNation Vic20 Games Roundup For 2022
by c64stuff
Oct 24, 2022 2:43:13 GMT

THE A500

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No New Posts THEA500 Firmware Updates

Look here to see if there any new Firmware Upgrades been released.
If you have a problem upgrading the Firmware of TheA500 Mini, post it here and we can help you.
Any updates from Facebook will be post here too.
Handy if you do not use Facebook, so you know the latest from Retro Game LTD.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

1 1 Download THEA500 Mini Update 1.1.1
by spannernick
Oct 24, 2023 12:00:37 GMT
No New Posts THEA500 Problems

This is for problems you are having with THEA500 Mini so
Powering Problem, does not come on or or does come on but then goes off or any other problem you are having with it.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

3 14 weird error
by spannernick
Nov 11, 2023 15:26:50 GMT
No New Posts THEA500 General

This is for the upcoming THEA500 Mini or Maxi

Moderators: jj0, gurce, spannernick

13 85 A linux file-commander / browser for The A500 Mini?
by johny8
Nov 22, 2023 11:51:54 GMT
No New Posts THEA500 Programming

If you need to know about BASIC,AMOS and any other Programming tool.
Want to share your code, or talk about it, Post it here.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts THEA500 Hardware

This is the place for Hardware Questions and Answers.
You want to mod or Hack THEA500 Mini.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

8 305 THEA500 Power Adapters
by spannernick
Nov 6, 2023 14:48:00 GMT
No New Posts THEA500 Joystick and Adapters

This is for Joysticks, controllers and adapters that work with the THEA500.
A good place to keep what one works and what one don't.
***REMEMBER*** You can always edit the gamecontrollerdb.txt file in THEA500 Mini in PCUAE, its called gamecontrollerdb-thea500.txt file, to get a joystick or controller working if it don't work in THEA500.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

5 8 About Quick Shot, RGL now have its copyright
by oocozyoo
Nov 1, 2023 17:17:22 GMT
No New Posts THEA500 Mini Mods

Want to post about mods that have been added to THEA500 Mini.
You can add any mods you like.

Moderators: THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer

2 2 Pandory Mod for the A500 Mini
by spannernick
Oct 28, 2023 17:33:48 GMT
No New Posts The Amiga You Own now or Did Own Then

You can post about the Amiga you own now or did own in the past.

Moderators: THEC64 Moderator, THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer

1 7 This is my Amiga A1700
by c64stuff
Sept 17, 2021 12:42:44 GMT
No New Posts THEA500 YouTube Videos

You can post THEA500 YouTube videos in here plus videos about Amiga as well.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, Wizart

9 16 Confirmed: Amiga Maxi AND Other Products Coming!
by c64stuff
Sept 20, 2023 19:58:28 GMT

THECBM Games Zone(For THEC64 Mini/Maxi/VIC20 and THE A500)

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Need Help with...

Need Help with the USB File Loader or Carousel.
If need help because a game don't load or trying to add a game to the Carousel ask in here.

You can post about a Amiga game that you having a problem with too, if you want.

Please Do Not put game links in here.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

38 155 Pastfinder Joystick problems
by doiheart
May 9, 2023 17:03:31 GMT
No New Posts Amiga Games For THE A500

You can talk about all Amiga Games here, if you want help with a game and it does not work in the A500 or post a link to a game.
I love Alien Breed, Night Breed and Pinball Dreams and all the other Pinball games on the Amiga plus Shufflepuck Cafe, what your Favourite game..?

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

24 45 Video: Incredible New Amiga AGA Turrican II Port
by c64stuff
Dec 24, 2022 17:34:30 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Games With CJM Files for Loader/ Classic Mode

This is for Games that are for the File Loader or Classic Mode and has a CJM file with them.
CJM Stands for Commodore Joystick Manager file, they work the same way as the .TSG(The Sixty four Game File)files for THECarousel), it's so you can customise the Joystick for Port 1 or 2 and if it needs certain keys or buttons to work with THEC64 Joystick Like space Bar can be added as Fire 2 on thec64 Joystick, then you don't need to use the virtual keyboard or use the USB Keyboard or THEC64 MAXi's keyboard to press the Space Bar.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

12 58 The Definitive C64 Game Collection USB File Loader Version
by criceto
Mar 7, 2022 18:42:54 GMT
No New Posts Games For THEC64 (C64 Mode)(Mini or Maxi) - 2 Viewing

You can post C64 games for THEC64 - C64 Mode here now, post VIC-20 games in there own board now for VIC20 Mode below this one.

Any games for the Carousel post them in the new PCUAE Section and do not flash any games to the Carousel on the firmware, you could make it stop working if you add to many games to it or could damage it.

Always use PCUAE if you want to add games to the Carousel, its safer and you can then always update your machine with no problem.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

120 429 Script to split romsets so more than 256 show up
by spannernick
Oct 10, 2023 23:48:11 GMT
No New Posts Games for THEVIC20( VIC20 Mode )

Add games here for the VIC20 Mode on THEVIC20.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.

Other Consoles/Computers Made by PLAION(Koch Media)

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No New Posts Atari2600+

This is for the new Atari2600+ that made by PLAION.

Moderators: THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer, spannernick, Wizart, jj0

2 7 Atari2600+ Linux is Buildroot 2018.02-rc3
by masticman
Dec 8, 2023 10:47:21 GMT
No New Posts Capcom Home Arcade

This is for the Capcom Home Arcade or CHA

Moderators: THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer, spannernick, jj0, Wizart

Sub-boards: CHA General, CHA Games Zone

1 4 The Capcom Home Arcade CHOKO Hack is Here
by skuba
Dec 29, 2020 14:58:07 GMT


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts General Off Topic

Talk about anything that does not fit anywhere else.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

57 131 World of Retro Computing 2023 - Canada - FREE ADMISSION !
by marcio
Sept 23, 2023 22:57:41 GMT
No New Posts Emulation Station

You can talk about any emulators you like in here, from Amiberry to Steem on PC/Mac/Raspberry PI and so on.

Moderators: gurce, jj0, spannernick

Sub-boards: C64/Amiga Forever by Cloanto, The Mini Consoles and the RPI(and Other Development Like Boards), 8/16/32/64Bit Emulators for 80s and 90s Computers and Consoles

29 175 The Amstrad E3 Emailer Hacking into its firmware
by spannernick
Dec 5, 2023 15:23:15 GMT
No New Posts Commodore 64 General

I thought we needed a board for the Commodore64 Real Hardware.
Post anything you like about the Commodore 64 here.

Example... Hardware, chips, case or whatever you like...any problem you are having with it.

Moderators: THEC64 Moderator, THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer, spannernick, gurce, jj0

93 239 WORLD OF COMMODORE 2023 - Toronto, Canada - December 2 & 3 !
by marcio
Nov 18, 2023 19:21:38 GMT
No New Posts Amiga General

I thought we needed one for the Amiga, you never know... :)

Moderators: THEC64 Moderator, THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer, spannernick

1 1 Moved: KICKSTARTER: Commodore community - Amiga Global Alliance
by spannernick
Jun 4, 2023 13:43:13 GMT
No New Posts Commodore OS

This is the OS that was originally made by CUSA for there C64 and maintain by me (Spannernick),If you want help and that post it here,I will be posting links to the OS here so you can get here too.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

1 3 I'm still using Commodore OS
by virtualsky
Jan 17, 2020 23:34:56 GMT
No New Posts Sega Mega Drive

I added the Sega Mega Drive cause you can play the same type of games that are on THEA500 Mini.

You can talk about the MD or talk/post Games for it too.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce, lantzelot

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts ZX Spectrum/ZX Spectrum Vega

You can talk about the ZX Spectrum here, this is added cause the computer Paul Andrews and Chris Smith made before THEC64 was the ZX Spectrum Vega in 2015, alot of stuff they learnt from make that machine was added to THEC64 like the CJM/TSG files.

Moderators: gurce, jj0, spannernick

4 16 ZEsarUX - ZX Second-Emulator And Released for UniX
by spannernick
Nov 24, 2023 0:49:51 GMT


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Links

Links to other sites for the TheC64..

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

4 15 Software resources for TheC64 and TheC64Mini
by virtualsky
Sept 20, 2019 2:48:02 GMT


New Posts New Posts No New Posts No New Posts


TheC64 Community Chat.. You have to be a member to post.
pebmeister: Hello everyone! I have been a software engineer since the 80's. I have written an open source cross assembler for the C64 (Multi platform) and I am currently working on a full blown IDE. I have also written a wedge that adds a bunch of graphics to basic. Dec 4, 2023 20:09:43 GMT
spike: cheers Nov 28, 2023 17:15:34 GMT
ryuninja: Hi :).Anyone tryed too ad sonic c64 to carusol?.And if possible,how to turn true emulation off in vice settings? Nov 11, 2023 17:45:26 GMT
exaghon: Hello,in the basement I found a couple of Commodore 64s with tape players and 1541 disk drives, they didn't work and by searching on the internet I got the components to build myself an oscilloscope and be able to figure out what was wrong, well its work Oct 28, 2023 4:36:09 GMT
tiger0018: Taking my C64 out of mothballs, I found my monitor (1702) has issues. Is there another monitor out there compatible with the C64? Aug 24, 2023 15:23:16 GMT
keatnpotatoes: Hey all, I've always loved older tech, but limited budget stopped me from exploring it. Just found and bought the C64 mini and so excited to really dig in! Jun 20, 2023 15:11:15 GMT
zeist28: Thank you very much Wizart! I will do that! Jun 14, 2023 11:30:29 GMT
billybob: hi everyone, i was a eighties user of the commodore 64, and want to carry on my interest in this great personal computer. Jun 12, 2023 5:01:27 GMT
The Heed (Colin): Hi, am new to this. Got myself the C64 maxi, am trying to relive my youth!! hello to everyone. Jun 1, 2023 20:04:11 GMT
welshsparky77: Hi I'm new to this so don't know if anyone can help. Using The C64 Tool, I managed to add some games to the carousel using theC64-9_9_9 and they work fine. Tried adding more games, new bin won't work, I press apply and it just skips. what am I doing wrong? May 20, 2023 23:56:41 GMT *
bencadiz: daveyy, try Assembly64, I haven't words for so marvellous. May 11, 2023 11:51:37 GMT
daveyk: It will not let me enter much text. So far repaired 2 out of 3 Commodore 64s!!! Now I must learn the operation and where to get software for them. I am happy to be here as this seems like a good place to learn. May 3, 2023 14:14:43 GMT
daveyk: Hello I am new here and actually new to the commodore world. Back in 1980, I was fooling around with Ohio Scientific Superboard 99, later making it in to a full fledged C1P. Anywho, I was at VCF East a few weeks ago, and since then been collected a...... May 3, 2023 14:12:21 GMT *
bencadiz: Hi friends. I am really happy, thanks for so much!!! Finally I could test the pc3.10 RC1 AIO and goes flawless! I have a c64 mini ntsc. May 2, 2023 8:20:40 GMT
bokkum: thank you Apr 26, 2023 20:24:04 GMT
64gamerdude: Hi...once extraxted PCUAE-AIO-3.1.0-RC1.zip is 24gb in size ! Do you have to copy the whole 24gb to sd card ? its huge ? why does it need so much just for fake firmware ? cheeers Apr 19, 2023 15:01:31 GMT
sprite6499: www.digitanto.it/mc-online/PHP/MCnum.php?mc=mc085&npag=244 Apr 13, 2023 20:07:03 GMT
bencadiz: Ok, finally I downloadede the 2.06.1 pcuaemanager, installed on C partition subfolder, later overwrite the pcuaemanager.exe with the 3.10betav0.1. And trying on usb Mar 30, 2023 18:28:10 GMT
bencadiz: Its auto downloasding the pcuaemanager 2.10.1. A question, PCUAEManager must be installed on Windows hard disk, not on C64 usb. Its correct? Mar 30, 2023 17:35:42 GMT
bencadiz: It seems already imported. I am re installing java. I will say later the result of my tries. Mar 30, 2023 17:34:12 GMT
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