Project Carousel USB Anniversary Edition v1.20 is available as a Beta, DOWNLOAD IT NOW.
PLEASE Only use PCUAE to play games from the carousel, DO NOT change the games in the firmware otherwise you could end up with a black screen if you update the firmware....
RETRO GAMES NEWS... Click RMB on it (Open as New Tab) to get the latest News from RGL Facebook Page...
THEC64 Maxi Released on 12 December 2019 Europe... THEC64 Mini was Released on 29 March 2018..Europe.. THEC64 Mini NTSC October 9 2018 USA...
THEVIC20 Released on October 23rd 2020, Get it from Amazon or Game in the UK...
THEC64 Maxi/THE VIC 20 US Released on December 5th 2020, Get it from NOW...
You Can Now Use The USB Stick to load Carousel Games and Change Folders... Project Carousel USB... Its can now hold up to 765 games...
THEC64 XWM Can be started in PCUAE Now CTRL-F7... Search for THEC64 X-Windows Mod for more info, you can easily make a backups of the firmware nand with it....
Our sister Facebook Group is available here... Look under FAQ...
There are problems at the moment with stock for the US release of THEC64/THEVIC20, Amazon will notify you as soon as it comes available....

Site News

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No New Posts Site Feedback

If you have a idea that could be added to the forum or just want to leave us feedback to let us know how we are doing,we would love it.

All Feedback Welcome.

Moderator: THEC64 Administrator

8 34 Adding attachments using Cloudinary
by majikeyric
Jan 17, 2021 17:36:11 GMT
No New Posts About The Forum

This where info about forum and anything that gets added or is Changed...
For new threats click on New Threads below..

Moderator: spannernick

16 33 Change the Administrator and Moderator Groups
by spannernick
Aug 28, 2020 11:30:59 GMT
Redirect New Threads and Posts

Click to see New Threads or Posts on the forum.

THEC64 Mini and THEC64 MAXi

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Redirect THEC64 Retro Games LTD News Feed

News Feedfrom Retro Games Ltd from Facebook
If you press RMB over this and open in new tab it will keep the forum up.

Redirect THEC64 FAQ - Official

This is the Official FAQ on the New Retro Games Website.

Redirect THEC64 FAQ - Community

This is the Community FAQ that's on the THEC64 Wiki Site.

No New Posts THEC64/THEVIC20 Group Site

This is THEC64/THEVIC20 Group on Facebook, you find us in there too. we are all part of TheC64THEVIC20 Community.

You can't see the posts in the group unless you become a member. I am not the owner of the group.

2 3 THE C64 Community Facebook Group
by wini
Jan 14, 2021 16:01:05 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Announcements

Announcements Threads will show in here...

Moderators: THEC64 Moderator, THEC64 Administrator, THEC64 Developer

13 478 PCU Game Manager Released
by lamerdeluxe
Jan 17, 2021 23:21:15 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 General

You can talk about TheC64 Mini and Maxi here.
This is for THEC64 Computer by RGL ONLY
Any other stuff about C64 put in Commodore 64 General in Off Topic.

Moderators: THEC64 Administrator, spannernick, jj0, gurce

105 547 USB memory stick not detected
by madeddy
Jan 4, 2021 6:12:59 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Support - 2 Viewing

If you need help with TheC64 Mini/Maxi

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

52 316 What feature do you guys want from THEC64 and/or Mini
by spannernick
Jan 15, 2021 0:33:45 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Programming - 1 Viewing

If you need to know about BASIC, any other Programing tool.
Want to share your code, or talk about it,Post it here.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

20 59 How to compare string variables in C64 BASIC?
by vic2020ian
Jan 16, 2021 13:55:38 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Firmware Upgrades - 1 Viewing

Look here to see if there any new Firmware Upgrades been released.
If you have a problem upgrading the Firmware of TheC64 Mini/MAXi , post it here and we can help you.
Any updates from Facebook will be post here too.
Handy if you do not use Facebook, so you know the latest from Retro Game LTD.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

27 410 THEC64 Firmware 1.4.2 released
by wini
Jan 14, 2021 14:10:12 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Software - 3 Viewing

Got a question about the Carousel or Vice that's in TheC64 Mini/Maxi then post it here.
Or about Classic Mode, Carousel Mode or Vic20 Mode in THEC64 MAXi..

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

130 1,133 Run full-blown vice on the Mini/Maxi/VIC-20
by spannernick
Jan 18, 2021 12:45:53 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Hardware - 1 Viewing

This is the place for Hardware Questions and Answers.
You want to mod or Hack THEC64 Mini or MAXi.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

67 1,097 THEC64 keyboard in ads vs reality
by spannernick
Jan 17, 2021 12:01:10 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Joysticks and Adapters - 1 Viewing

This is for Joysticks/Controllers/Pads/Adapters that work or don't work and Support for them.
If you have a problem with a Joysticks/Controllers/Pads/Adapters then post it in here and we will hopefully be able to help you.

Moderators: gurce, spannernick, jj0

32 347 Any compatible silent joysticks?
by jj0
Jan 17, 2021 14:51:36 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 YouTube Videos

Any videos from Youtube about TheC64 MAXi/Mini.. or The Commodore 64.
Game videos should be posted in The C64 Game Zone.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

58 88 The Raspberry C64 Maxi
by spannernick
Dec 29, 2020 21:12:38 GMT
No New Posts Links

Links to other sites for the TheC64..

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

4 15 Software resources for TheC64 and TheC64Mini
by virtualsky
Sept 20, 2019 2:48:02 GMT


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No New Posts THE VIC20 General

Talk about THEVIC20 here and that.
You can even talk about it in general too.
If you want to talk about games on it you can here, but if you want to share a game then post it in THE CBM GAME ZONE under Games For THE C64 Maxi VIC20 Mode cause it will use the same emulator(VICE) to run them.

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

12 66 How to set 16k RAM expansion before loading a .prg or .tap
by oocozyoo
Jan 17, 2021 18:39:01 GMT
No New Posts THEVIC20 Software

This is the place for the software for THEVIC20.
(No hardware because its THEC64 inside a new skin)

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

8 34 Unusual POKES, PEEKS and SYS for THE VIC20
by oocozyoo
Jan 17, 2021 18:12:07 GMT

THE Amiga

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No New Posts A500 General

This is for the upcoming A500

Moderators: jj0, gurce, spannernick

2 12 POLL: What Amiga Model Would you Like RGL to make..?
by xnyarlx
Jan 5, 2021 6:55:04 GMT

THECBM Games Zone

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No New Posts THE Amiga Games Zone

You can talk about Amiga Games here too, if you want help with a games or post a link to a game.
I love Alien Breed and Night Breed what your Favourite game..?

Moderators: spannernick, jj0, gurce

1 10 What is Your Favorite Amiga Games...?
by vic2020ian
Jan 5, 2021 10:29:48 GMT
No New Posts Need Help with...

Need Help with the USB File Loader or Carousel.
If need help because a game don't load or trying to add a game to the Carousel ask in here.

Please Do Not put game links in here.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

25 100 USB File Name Limitations? Length, Special Characters, etc?
by steevil13
Aug 31, 2020 21:16:36 GMT
No New Posts Games For TheC64 Carousel

You can share games that work on TheC64 Carousel,
Files like VSF,TSG and the games folder they are in for easy install to copy to TheC64 Mini Carousel.
You can now add 255 games per Gamelist Screen with Project Carousel USB, the most easiest and safest way to add games to your THEC64 Mini/Maxi.
Project Carousel USB is in here.. :)

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

81 1,465 ***Project Carousel USB***
by sjakie43
Jan 13, 2021 11:35:33 GMT
No New Posts THEC64 Games With CJM Files for USB File Loader/ Classic Mode - 1 Viewing

This is for Games that are for the USB File Loader or Classic Mode and has a CJM file with them.
CJM Stands for Custom Joystick Manager,it's so you can customise the Joystick for Port 1 or 2 and if it needs certain keys or buttons to work with the game. Like space Bar can added as Fire 2 on the Joystick. so you don't need to use the virtual keyboard or use the USB or THEC64 MAXi's keyboard to press the key.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

11 52 I Noticed That there is no Place to Upload CJM files no more
by spannernick
Oct 25, 2020 18:32:48 GMT
No New Posts Games For THE C64 MAXi VIC20 Mode

You can post VIC-20(VC-20) games for THEC64 Maxi's Carousel or for its VIC20 Mode plus for THEVIC20 here.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

4 8 Alien Invasion: a VIC 20 game written in 2018
by spannernick
Dec 17, 2020 0:38:57 GMT

Capcom Home Arcade

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No New Posts CHA General

Anything you want to say about it or post Hacks for it or games.

Moderators: gurce, jj0, spannernick

1 4 The Capcom Home Arcade CHOKO Hack is Here
by skuba
Dec 29, 2020 14:58:07 GMT


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Commodore 64 General - 1 Viewing

I thought we needed a board for the Commodore64 Real Hardware.
Post anything you like about the Commodore 64 here.

Example... Hardware, chips, case or whatever you like...any problem you are having with it.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

13 34 Music expansion system for C64 and C128
by sjakie43
Jan 18, 2021 11:44:24 GMT
No New Posts General Off Topic

Talk about anything that does not fit anywhere else.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

10 22 happy new year
by spannernick
Jan 1, 2021 13:41:23 GMT
No New Posts The Mini Consoles

Talk about other Mini Consoles like NES Mini, SNES Mini, MD Mini, PlayStation Classic and NEOGEO Mini.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

12 64 The Megadora Tower for The Sega Mega Drive Mini..
by grasshopper
Nov 12, 2020 12:31:01 GMT
No New Posts C64/Amiga Forever by Cloanto

Talk about The Games,Emulators and and all things Cloanto.
TheC64 Mini wouldn't be here without them,thanks Cloanto.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

1 12 Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 7
by synchromesh
May 27, 2018 15:37:40 GMT
No New Posts 8Bit Emulators of Computers and Consoles - 1 Viewing

Talk about 8 Bit Emulators for PC,Linux and Android, Like RetroArch,Atart800,Atari800Win Plus,Vice,C64emu and so on,
You can post a link to the emulator and a video to give more info and if the emulator works properly and is any good.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

Sub-board: 8Bit Computers and Consoles

4 59 unpacking a bigger brother...
by lucifer43
Mar 8, 2019 15:07:36 GMT
No New Posts 16Bit Computers and Consoles

Same as 8Bit,For Amiga.Atari,Sega and Nintendo and so on.
Talk about them here or post a picture of your setup.Would love to see it.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

Sub-board: 16Bit Emulators of Computers and Consoles

1 2 Amiga Mini
by groepaz
May 23, 2018 20:44:44 GMT
No New Posts Commodore OS

This is the OS that was originally made by CUSA for there C64 and maintain by me (Spannernick),If you want help and that post it here,I will be posting links to the OS here so you can get here too.

Moderators: spannernick, gurce, jj0

1 3 I'm still using Commodore OS
by virtualsky
Jan 17, 2020 23:34:56 GMT
No New Posts Old Abandonware Games

If you have a old PC Game you want to post a link to or talk about.
If you post a link to a game please add a video of it please.(I have added a game so you can see how I did it,to give you a idea.)
Don't upload games here,only links.

Moderators: gurce, spannernick, jj0

2 4 Quake 1 & Quake 2 big box prices!
by MIK
May 14, 2018 10:25:21 GMT


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